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Yoga provides effective strategies to balance stress of modern life. Regular practice keeps you strong, supple, centered, sane, happy and pain-free!

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2017: What's new? What's coming?

$60 gift certificate, good for one 4 class card.
$90 gift certificate, good for Yoga for Beginner or Qigong Course (6 wk).
$112 gift certificate, good for one 8 class card.
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Coming: A Healing Harp Experience with Christine Tulis
Immerse in the delicate beauty of harp and Christine's celestial voice, and allow yourself to be
transported to a realm of deep peace and serenity. Christine blends
harp with spoken and sung sacred poetry of Rumi, St Teresa and original pieces. Sure to delight and enrich the soul.
Winter Dates: TBA

New: Restorative Yoga with Reiki & Essential Oils
Now on Thursday evenings!!
January 12 and 26, February 16, March 2 and 16 @ 6:00pm

Complimentary Consultation:
"Younder As You Age" or "Get Out Of Pain" 
Create a vision of health, and explore your health goals, issues, obstacles. 
Get clear on the best path to heal your body or reclaim your health & vitality, naturally.
Schedule a Consultation today.


With our classes and services you can become:

Strong, Supple and Confident 
Our Yoga, Qi-Gong
& Mindful Fitness classes will help you move with ease and freedom.

Our bi-monthly teleseminars provide intelligent discourse on issues of health and aging. 
bust outdated myths about aging and give you simple solutions to stay young and fit.

Soothed & Nourished 
Our cranio-sacral sessions, restorative yoga and sound healing events will help you
reset your nervous system, so you can enjoy more peace, calm, joy and balance.






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