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TWO CLEANSE & DETOX PROGRAMS: Spring: Lighten up your life - Lighten up your diet. Fall: Deep Nourishment for the Five Bodies

Cleanse Programs: Spring, Fall, Winter
Feel Fabulous - Look Radiant - Be Happy

Read This First: 6 Body Signs it's Time to Cleanse

Choose: 7-day, 10-day or 14-day plan. 
A cleanse is NOT a fast. Enjoy will enjoy nourishing, easy to digest meals, practice gentle yoga, breathing and meditation exercises. Take time to rest your senses. I'll help you select the right plan.

Get Started:
1. Choose one of three options, below..
2. Register Online.
3. Schedule your orientation call.
4. Go shopping.
5. Start your cleanse.
6. End your cleanse feeling more alive. 

Three Options:
> Basic Cleanse: $125 includes orientation call and e-packet.
> Supported Cleanse: $175 includes basic cleanse plus 1 coaching call midway through cleanse.
> Deluxe Cleanse: $225 inlcudes basic cleanse plus 2 coaching calls, midway and at end.

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Spring Cleanse


Benefits: In 7-14 days, you'll feel: 

  • * clear, light and uplifted
  • * nourished and supported
  • * stronger immunity to colds/allergies
  • * happier and more in love with your life
  • * energized and inspired
  • * more deeply connection to spirit
  • * empowered to make better choices in your life
    * younger and more radiant


Cleanse Overview:

Orientation: course overview and determination of what cleanse is right for you.
Pre-cleanse: Get organized: before your cleanse go shopping and gather materials/ingredients. Adopt pre-cleanse protocols and prepare yourself to detox.
Deep cleanse: choose one:
     A. mono diet - kitchari (delicious spiced rice/dal stew) or other
     B. alkaline diet - plant based vegetarian diet (cooked & raw)
     C. live foods diet - all raw, living foods (puts the most zip in your trip)
     D. fresh juices or smoothies - power up your system with raw green/vegetable juices
Post-cleanse: Ease back into your regular life, but with lightness, ease, clarity and a new outlook on your life and health. Have a better sense of what foods and practices best support your health.

The following items are in addition to course fee. 
Required: tongue scraper, detox tea, triphala detox herb, ghee, body brush and body oil
Optional:  kitchari spice, neti pot and nasya oil 

These depend on your needs and the type of cleanse you choose.
Purchase these items at your local health food store, ayurvedic salon or herb shop.

Price List:
neti pot, $16
nasya oil, $11
tongue scraper $8
detox tea (pukka or yogi tea)
detox herbs (triphala), $7.50
Kitchari Spice mix, 4 oz. $7.50
Ghee, 16 oz, $11.50
Organic body oil, 16 oz. ($10-13)

Depending on the type of cleanse you choose and the state of your health when you enroll, I will recommend the most important items for your cleanse. I look forward to supporting your journey. 



January or February
Pick your dates - follow at home!
If the holidays have left you with a feeling fatigued, heavy, lethargic  you anc jump back on track with our three day mid-Winter cleanse. Pick your best dates: your days off, a long weekend, or vacation week. 
Follow my easy guidelines for daily self care and lifestyle practices, daily nourshing meals. Rest your body and clear your mind and you'll feel so much better.

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