Upcoming Events

Enhance your personal wellbeing and spiritual growth at "healing" events which showcase talented musicians, sound oracles, and energy healers.

September 28, October 26, November 23
with Cosmic Harmonics
Saturdays 7-9pm

These powerful sound healings are designed to create sacred space to set personal intentions, enjoy group meditation and experience collective healing. Specific harmonic frequencies and certain vibrations of sound are scientifically proven heal the physical body, repair DNA and open one's Consciousness to higher realms, thus expanding one's understanding of reality. Alchemical experiences, such as those experienced in sound healings, provide healing for individuals and the planet.

Sound Healing will help you: 

     * Traverse the 'inner landscape' to access deep wisdom             
     * Release old patterns of negative energy
     * Reconnect to your God-nature and Soul-Self     
     * Experience subtle states of awareness    
     * Deeply relax, unwind tension, dissolve stress

NEW for FALL 2019:
Now you can amplify the effects of sound healing - total relaxation and bliss - with a dose of bio-available LIVING CBD oil. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana. It calms the mind, relaxes the nervous system and the muscles. You don't get high, you become more embodied, and experience yourself as a holy vessel  - filled with sacred sound, vibration, pure energy and Divine Light. We hope you'll join us!

Props and Space is limited!
RSVP - to guarantee a spot with all props
(blankets, bolster, eye pillow). 
Tickets at the door:
$25/person (without CBD) 
$30/person (includes your donation for LIVING
 CBD dose)





"I don't typically experience remarkable healing, but at the recent sound healing, what I thought what might have been a torn rotator cuff magically healed. Immediately after the event, it was 80% better. I was able to reach for the car radio button without any soreness at all. And a day or two later, my shoulder pain was completely gone! Amazing!! Thank You!"  ~ David

"I was filled with anxiety and nothing could meet me where I was....except the sounds of the crystal bowls. By the end, my stress was gone and I was totally renewed. Incredible!!" ~ Lisa


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