Emotion Code / Body Code

The Emotion Code is an energy healing modality designed to release unprocessed emotions and help restore optimal health and wellbeing. The Body Code is more comprehensive and includes the Emotion Code.

Enhance Your Life Satisfaction!

The Emotion Code:

> Increase physical comfort and elminate pain
> Improve emotional balance and positive thinking
> Remove doubt, fear, anger, depression
> Boost confidence and self-esteem 
> Increase energy, increase vitality, boost immuity
> Enhance mental clarity and focus
> Create feelings of abundance, peace, wellbeing....and more!! 

The Body Code:
> Identify and release trapped emotions
> Identify pathogens that may exacerbate pain
> Identify and clear blocks in the chakras and meridians
> Gain information about appropriate diet and lifestyle changes
> Identify structural imbalances that can cause discomfort
> Identify toxins that may have invades your body

After 20+ years as a holistic chiropractor and educator, Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C. created The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™ systems to alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds, and restore loving rellationships to his clients. By removing underlying energies that block Spirit and trigger emotional reactions, you can break unconscious patterns of self-sabotage to live a good life.

4-Step Energy Healing Formula:
  • Discover: a simple yet powerful energy-based method that restores health and wellness.
  • Expose: subconscious barriers that may contribute to physical and emotional distress.
  • Release: potentially harmful energies that cause stress and pain, in minutes.
  • Empowerment: restore emotional, mental, physical balance.

1) Purchase a Session:
All sessions are held by phone. Single Session $75. Please pay for session, before scheduling.

Emotion Code or Body Code:

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 Lynne's Story:

I stumbled upon the Emotion Code while still grieving the death of my father four years afterwards. There was no end to the waves of my sadness. I found an Emotion Code practitioner and opted for the 'same day emergency' session, because I was so out-of-sorts. The day after my first session, I woke feeling lighter and happier; as if a cloud of depression had been lifted.

The following morning, I bounded out of bed thinking: "I'm back! I feel like myself, again!" I was so impressed by the immediate shift, I began bi-monthly sessions for six months. Happy with astounding results, I enrolled in the training program and became a certified Emotion Code practitioner, so I could offer this valuable work to friends, family and clients.
"Two years after the removal of a cancerous brain tumor, I still had migraines. After three sessions of The Emotion Code, the migraines have finally dissapeared. I'm able to focus my mind and work with more clarity." - Jon B.

"I was amazed. My knees felt immediate rellief and two days later the pain was completely gone."
- Sally

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