Please review this page for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our studio and our practice.

What does 'Prakasa' mean?
Prakasa is a Sanskrit word that simply means light, radiance or luminosity. It refers to the spiritual light which emanates from every human being....it is the sparkle in your eyes when you smile, the love filling your heart when you are happy.

What is Yoga?
Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root "yug" which means "to unite or unify; to harness; to harmonize". The basic practice of yoga includes physical postures, breath awareness and meditation, which serve to bring the busy mind in harmony with the breath, the body and the spirit. When we experience inner peace, love and unity with ourselves, all living things and the universe - that is great yoga!

Gentle Yoga for Beginner's:
We strongly recommend that all new students enroll in our "Gentle Yoga or Beginner" courses. We offer these programs several times each year. If there is no current series offered when you are ready to begin, you are welcome to attend a different class. We'd be happy to recommend the right class for you. 

For your first class, arrive 15 minutes before class begins to fill out a release and health history form. Otherwise, arrive 10 minutes before class. If you arrive with an injury or are in pain, please inform me before class, so I may help you modify poses during class. Masks and vaccinations are not required. We trust you to manage your own health. If you are sick and symptomatic, please stay home.

Athletic style clothes that are comfortable and stretch when you move are best for yoga. Dress in layers, so you can remove or add layers as you warm up and cool down. T-shirts and shorts or sweats are also fine. Avoid stiff thick fabrics such as jeans or corduroy.

Changing Rooms:
We have two bathrooms that double as changing rooms. We ask that students respect the modesty of others and change only in the bathrooms.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we no longer supply props (mats, blocks, straps, eye pillows).  to use. We stock basic props (blocks, straps, eye pillows) for purchase and will be happy to special order you a new yoga mat in the color of your choice. There are mat samples in the sales case.

It is always best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. If you get hungry before class, drink water or have a piece of fruit one hour before. It is important to rehydrate after class. Yoga postures cleanse the organs and purify the blood, so drink up! We have a water cooler, filled with fresh, clean, deep well water. You may refill your water bottle from our bathroom faucets.

People from all religious backgrounds practice and enjoy the physical, emotional and mental health benefits of yoga. Hatha yoga in itself is not a religion. We do offer yoga philosophy as a part of our intermediate classes, but do not require our students to follow any particular teaching. We welcome people from all traditions and beliefs to study with us. For more information about the philosophical lineages of yoga that we love to study, please read our bio on the teacher page.

We currently accept cash, local checks and credit cards (minimum purchase $60). Our courses and class cards have a built-in discount. For current prices, class card, please see our class page.

We encourage our all our new students to come with a friend. The joy of learning yoga will be doubled when you have a yoga buddy. Mature teens are welcome to accompany an adult or come alone.

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