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The benefits of yoga and qigong are immense. You'll feel younger, healthier, happier and these practices will heal your body, refresh your mind, and restore peace to your soul.

Spring Semester 2019 Courses: 

I. Yoga for Beginners: (overview)
Learn the basics of a well-rounded yoga practice in this entry level course. Yoga for Beginners is perfect if you are: brand new to yoga, out of practice, or prefer a slowly paced class. Each course has a specific focus, so you can become familiar with each group of postures. Over the course of a year, you'll learn the most common poses and build a solid foundation to practice. When you're ready for more challenging poses, or a more athletic pace, you're welcome to attend our other yoga classes.

       Yoga for Beginners - The Art of Being Present
Lynne Ann Paterson, ERYT-500, certified yoga instructor
March 4 - May 20, 2019
       Mondays @ 6:00-7:15pm

In this Spring semester we will focus on standing poses and standing balance poses. In order to balance, we must become rooted, grounded, stable in the legs and strong in the core. Balance poses clear the mind and tone the whole body. Yoga helps us find center, serenity and resiliance in a world of constant change and flux.

Course includes:

     * Natural breathing and basic alignment in simple postures. 
     * Mindful movement to transition between poses. 
     * Simple alignment instructions to increase self-awareness of body, mind and breath. 
     * Use of props and modification of poses to accomodate your body and create more ease.
     * Deep relaxation in every restorative pose.

 Spring Semester: $180/person for 12 weeks.
 Note: We do have class on Monday holidays.

Yoga for Beginners

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II. Qi-Gong for Beginners: (overview)
Qigong is a well kept secret to self-healing. Anyone, at any age or level of fitness can enjoy it. It's easy on the joints, circulates blood and lymph without breaking a sweat, and is very meditative..Qigong practice will boost your entire immune system and promote health, balance, peace and suppleness. Regular practice enhances mindfulness and speeds healing, no matter what is aliing you. In this series, you'll learn and practice the Level 1 forms of qigong. No experience is needed. No special clothing required. You may wear street clothes, but do dress comfortably.

      Qi-Gong for Beginners: Healing from Inside Out
George Nager, certified qi-gong instructor
       March 9 - April 27

    Saturdays @ 10:30am-11:30am

About Qigong:
     * Performed standing. It may be practiced seated in a chair, if necessary.
     * Very gentle - the movements slow and meditative.
     * Healing: No stress is ever placed on the joints.
     * Perfect for seniors or anyone wth limited mobility/stiffness/tension.
     * Suitable for those recovering from an injury.
     * Guaranteed to leave you feeling peaceful, serene and calm.
     * A traditional healing modality from China.
      (Used instead of needles or medication to effectively treat many types of illness.) 

Course: $120/person for 8 weeks

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